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Budget Web Hosting Faq

Q. Do I have to use the FREE site builder to build my website?
A. NO! You can also use your favourite HTML editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Front Page or others.

Q. Do I need any knowledge of HTML or FTP to use your site builder?
A. NO! The site builder allows you to design your web site online without any prior knowledge of how to use HTML or FTP.

Q. If I design my web site using the site builder, am I stuck with that for the life of my web hosting plan?
A. No. You can use the site builder to get your web site online quickly, and then design and upload another web site at a later date using your favourite HTML editor.

Q. I designed my web site using MS Front Page. Can I host it on one of your budget web hosting plans?
A. Yes. MS Front page extensions are included FREE with every plan.

Q. Do I get FTP access with your budget web hosting plans?
A. Yes! You get full FTP access as well as a file manager in your control panel.

Q. Does my plan include a control panel for managing my email addresses etc?
A. Yes.

Q. What control panel do you use? Can I see a demo?
A. We use Cpanel for all of our Linux based web hosting plans. We do not have a demo available at this time.

Q. Do your email accounts include a Spam filter?
A. Yes, our mail server includes a spam filter. The spam filter marks the subject heading of emails as *****SPAM***** This allows you to re-direct these messages using your email client to a seperate folder for later perusal or deletion. You can also setup the spam filter to auto-delete all emails marked as spam if you wish.

Q. Does your email service include any anti virus protection?
A. Yes! Email anti virus scanning is installed on our servers.

Q. How much disk space is available for my emails?
A. You get 10 mb disk space for each mailbox on our budget plans. (This equates to 50mb total on the S.B. Lite plan). Space used by emails does NOT count against your HTML disk space allowance.

Q. Do the budget web hosting plans support PHP?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I start out on a budget plan and upgrade to one of your Business , Ecommerce, Developer or Windows web hosting plans at a later date?

Q. Do your budget web hosting plans include a statistics program?
A. Yes. AWStats web statistics are included with your plan.

Q. Can I use my own domain name with your budget web hosting plans?
A. Yes.

Q. I have seen other web hosting companies charging 5 times the amount that you are for web hosting plans that include a site builder. Why are your plans so cheap?
A. Many of our customers who start off on a budget web hosting plan later upgrade to our more full featured Windows or Ecommerce web hosting plans. We are not here for a quick buck, but to cultivate customer loyalty by offering value packed reliable web hosting at sensible prices.

Q. How long does it take to setup my account?
A. All accounts are verified manually before setting up in order to avoid fraud and maintain the integrity of our servers for all of our customers.. Your account will be setup in the same or next business day that we recieve your order. You will receive instructions by email once your account has been set up.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. You can find payment option details here http://www.bizwebspace.com.au/orderinfo.shtml

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