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Domain Name Faq

Q. If I purchase a domain name from you can I host my name with a different web host, or do I have to use your web hosting services.
A. You do not have to host your domain name with us. You are free to host your domain with anybody you choose.

Q. Do I get a domain management system with my domain name.
A. Yes. You have full control over all aspects of your domain name with your domain control panel.

Q. Can I order a or a domain name if I do not have an ABN, company no. or registered business no.?
A. No, AUDA regulations require that you have a registered business, company or ABN no. in order to register a or a domain name. There are however no such restrictions with .com or .net domain names.

Q. What is the minimum length of time I can register a domain name for?
A. .au domain names can only be registered for 2 year periods. All other domain names can be registered for from 1 to 10 years at a time.

Q. How long does it take for my domain name to be approved?
A. .au domain names have to be approved by the registrar to make certain that they comply with AUDA guidelines. This can take from 1 hour to several hours. In some cases the registrar may ask for more information before approval will be given. Top Level Domain names such as .com, .net, .info etc are approved instantly in real time.

Q. I dont have a credit card. Can I still order a domain name from you?
A. Yes, we also accept payment by cheque, money order and by direct bank deposit.

Q. Does my domain name include any web hosting or email addresses?
A. No. The price quoted for the domain name is to reserve your domain name only. If you require web hosting for your domain name then this must be ordered seperately. We have hosting solutions for your domain name from only AU $2.75 per month. Full details of our web hosting services can be found here.

Q. Is it best to get a T op L evel D omain name such as .com or .net, or should I get a .au domain name for my business?
A. This depends mainly on where you intend to primarily market your products or services. If your primary market is in Australia then a .au domain name will be best. If you intend to market primarily overseas then a TLD will probably be better. If you can (and it is available) then it is a good idea to order both the .com and equivelant of your name (e.g.: and

Q. I have a domain name through a different domain registrar, which is due for renewal soon. Can I transfer it to your services.
A. Yes you can. You are under no obligation to renew your domain name with your current registrar. To transfer the domain name to our service click here.

Q. I have been told never to register a domain name with a web hosting company as they might hijack my domain name so that I have to host with them. Can this happen?
A. Yes, it can and does happen by unscrupulous individuals and companies. We know of cases where this has happened, and is used by the hosting company to lock the domain owner into a high priced web hosting contract. This type of behaviour constitutes possibly fraud and most certainly blackmail against the registrant of the domain name. Fortunately our company operates on high ethics and principals, and we will never do that. You will always have access to your domain name through your domain management control panel. Just be careful who you give your domain login details to.

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Domain Name Faq