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You choose! Windows or Linux!

Dont let your web hosting company box you into the operating system that they want you to use. At BizWebSpace.com.au we let you choose between Windows.NET server 2003 web hosting or Red Hat Linux web hosting.

No matter how you want to design your web site, we have a web hosting plan for you!

Site Builder Custom Template Design

Our site builder comes complete with over 140 ready to use templates, so even a complete novice can have their web site online in less than an hour. While many of our customers are satisfied with using one of the stock templates for their web site, many other customers want a totally unique design for their site.

Another feature of our site builder is that you can build your complete web site using one template, & then change the template at any time in a matter of minutes without disturbing the rest of the web site. So you can build your web site using one of the stock templates, & then change to a different stock template or even your own custom template at any time. With conventional web design methods, if you want to change your web site look & feel it can take days or weeks of laborious work. With our site builder it can be done in minutes.

With our Site Builder Pro you can easily design your own unique template(s) for use with our site builder. Our Pro site builder includes a custom template builder, so anybody can create their own unique design.

If you are a professional web designer you may want to use your favourite web design program to create a unique template for your client, & then finish the site in the site builder.

You can find details for building custom templates with your favourite HTML editing program here.

Wan't a custom template design, but don't want to do it yourself? Contact us for a custom quote!

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