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You choose! Windows or Linux!

Don't let your web hosting company box you into the operating system that they want you to use. At BizWebSpace.com.au we let you choose between Windows.NET server 2003 web hosting or Red Hat Linux web hosting.

No matter how you want to design your web site, we have a web hosting plan for you!

Try our web hosting plans risk free for 30 days! If you are not happy with our web hosting service for any reason, we will refund your money in full during the first 30 days!

Site Builder

You have your domain name registered & your web hosting plan setup. So now what? You need a web site!

What are your options?

Option 1: Pay a web design person to build you a web site (& then pay them again & again when you want it updated or maintained) - Can't afford it?

then try -

Option 2: Build your own web site using a HTML program such as Dreamweaver or Front Page - Don't have it / don't know how to use it / cant get it to do what you want?

then try -

Option 3: Use our SOHO Site Builder to build a powerful database driven web site with a shopping cart for selling your products, form builder so you can collect information from your site visitors, eNewsletter module for keeping in contact with your customers. secure login manager for membership or VIP access, event calender manager, blog manager & much much more!

With our SOHO Site Builder, you don't need to know FTP, HTML, PHP or SQL. You don't need to pay a web designer to build & maintain your web site. You don't need to own or learn how to use expensive & complicated web design programs such as Dreamweaver or Front Page.

You also don't need to do a 10 week TAFE course on web design!

Whether you want a simple brochure style web site, or a fully featured ecommerce web site with all the bells & whistles, we have a site builder package to suit.

Our site builder solutions are simple to use, so even a complete novice can build a professional looking fully featured web site within a matter of days, if not hours.

However our site builder also has the power & features required to build extremely complex & powerful ecommerce web sites. So much so, that many professional web designers are also using our site builder to build web sites for their customers. Instead of the days or weeks it usually takes them to build a web site using traditional methods, web designers are finding that they can build a powerful full featured web site for their customers within hours. Our site builder Pro site builder even allows you to use your own custom template designs, so every web site built can be unique.

Not only does our site builder package allow you to build a powerful full featured ecommerce web site, it also provides the tools to keep in contact with your customers. Keeping in regular contact with your customers through newsletters & blog's is one way to keep your customers coming back to your web site again & again, & making more sales.

There are 3 site builder packages to choose from, ranging from our Basic site builder package, which is FREE with any of our Budget web hosting plans, our PRO site builder which is Free with any Business web hosting plan, through to our Site Builder with 'The Works' which is Free with any Ecommerce web hosting plan.

To see what can be achieved with our SOHO Site Builder, take the tour here.

Site Builder Basic

-SB02 -
Site Builder Pro

- SB03 -
Site Builder
'The Works'

Monthly Fee
FREE with any Budget web hosting plan.
FREE with any Business web hosting plan.
FREE with any Ecommerce web hosting plan.
Please note: A web hosting plan must also be purchased to go with the site builder. There is a limit of one FREE site builder per web hosting account.
  Site builder features
Database driven:
Over 140 templates to choose from:
Create & edit pages online:
Create unlimited pages:
Automatic menu creation:
File manager:
Photo album:
Template manager:
Forms manager:
Site statistics:
Site data tables:
Shopping cart:
Blog manager:
Database table manager:
Secure users:
Event Calender :
Custom templates can be created:  
Payment Gateways Supported
WorldPay payment gateway    
PayPal payment gateway    
VeriSign Payflow Link    
Innovate Gateway Solutions    
PayPoint USA Quicksale    
Custom Payment Gateway    
Offline Credit Card Processing    
Cheque / Money Order    
Minimum Plan Requirements
Budget Web Hosting
Business Web Hosting
Ecommerce Web Hosting
Windows Web Hosting
Developer web Hosting
Note: The minimum plan requirement is the minimum web hosting plan required for the site builder program. The Site Builder Basic will run on any web hosting plan, including our Budget & Windows web hosting plans. Site Builder Pro & higher requires a minimum Business, Ecommerce or Developer web hosting plan.
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