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You choose! Windows or Linux!

Don't let your web hosting company box you into the operating system that they want you to use. At we let you choose between Windows.NET server 2003 web hosting or Red Hat Linux web hosting.

No matter how you want to design your web site, we have a web hosting plan for you!

Try our web hosting plans risk free for 30 days! If you are not happy with our web hosting service for any reason, we will refund your money in full during the first 30 days!

Site Builder Templates

Once you have chosen, created, and/or uploaded your site's template(s), or consistent graphical layout, through the Site Templates Manager, you can then assign them to your entire website in a single click. For sites that warrant the use of several different visual themes to separate large sections, templates can be specified on a per-page basis.

Want a different web site design, or colour? You can assign a different template to any page or even the whole site, without interupting the existing content of your web site.

If only I had the site builder when I built my first web site! My web design skills were not very good, & I had to change the site design at least 4 times before I was happy with the design. It was a large site with over 50 pages, & it used to take me well over a week to change all of the pages to the new design. With the site builder you can change the look of your entire web site in a matter of minutes!

Manage All Your Templates & Design Elements

  • Choose from over 140 pre-installed templates
  • Over 20 different template themes, including neutral themes
  • Upload and use custom templates
  • Assign different templates to different pages
  • Specify header text for built-in templates
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt
  • Enable and customize automatic email receipts for submissions
  • Change templates any time without affecting the content of your web site

Create Your Own Designs With Template Wizard

  • Create and name unlimited site templates
  • Choose from thousands of different color combinations
  • Specify color name or hex values to match to company logo exactly
  • Integrate images and logos with each template
  • Apply your template to your whole site, or create several and assign them to individual pages or sections
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt

Drag & Drop Advanced Features Onto The Pages

  • Linked images
  • Text content
  • Online forms
  • Documents and PDF files
  • MOV, .MPG, and .AVI video files
  • Automatic date stamps
  • Printable page view links
  • Email A Friend
  • Hit counters
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